Your BeagleBone.

Now a Logic Analyzer.

BeagleLogic turns your BeagleBone Black/Green into a 100Msps Logic Analyzer with up to 14 channels. All you need is a BeagleBone, an SD card and the BeagleLogic cape to get up and running.

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In-Circuit Debug

Use your BeagleBone to troubleshoot BeagleBone Circuits! Unless your app uses the PRU itself you can detect and capture I2C, SPI and GPIO interfaces of the BeagleBone by connecting it to BeagleLogic input pins.

100Msps, 14 channels

Capture SPI signals up to 25 MHz with ease.

320 MB capture buffer

Up to 3 seconds of 8-channel data at 100MSa/s

Web Interface

Want to check something on quickly? Just open up port 4000 on your BeagleBone Black.

Up to 5V logic inputs

With the BeagleLogic cape, troubleshoot TTL circuits while protecting the BeagleBone which accepts only up to 3.3V of voltage on its pins.

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